Tuesday, August 12, 2008

We are home

Well, not our real home. I don't want to panic anyone. Besides, I don't think that we could make a blog entry from heaven. :-)

Our flights went well. We left Sopron on a bus at 8am and the last person got home at 9:50pm, which was a travel time of almost 23 hours. Our only real excitement was an item that Chris carried onto the airplane flights from Vienna to Copenhagen and then Copenhagen to Seattle. At Seattle they would not let him carry it on to the flight to Portland so he had to box it up and check it. It took a bit of time, and we had to travel from one end of the airport to the other. However, we got to our gate with 15 minutes or so to spare.

I have uploaded a few more pictures of Sopron and our flight home for the slide show.

Courtney, the eDot technical coordinator (see post below), provided us with a valuable debriefing the night before we left. Courtney was a youth paster before he went to the mission field and has led many short term missions trips. He coached us through a process of evaluating our experience and how we might share it with others. Thank you, Courtney, for that debriefing and the follow-up worksheet. They have been very helpful. We look forward to sharing how God has been working in our lives through this missions experience.

We hope to have an opportunity to formally share at each one of our churches. If you are interested in knowing the dates of these presentations please contact one of us or send an email to the hungary project.

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